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  • Faith Based Affordable Housing 

    Delargy, Colin; Cena, Kortney; McFarlane, Clifton; Dominguez, Miriam; Waheed, Jullanar; Murphy, Ansley (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022-12)
    Well known by now, and getting worse by the moment, is Atlanta’s affordable housing crisis. In the Atlanta case, as in “hot” markets all over the country, jurisdictions are trying to come up with strategies that might work. ...
  • Home Park Neighborhood Strategic Planning 

    Master, Michaela; Yohanis, Samrawit; Hudson, Joel; Noe, John; Lieu, Seung Jae; Neaves, Thomas; Yuxiang, Zhao; Rollins, Miles (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022-12)
    Nestled between Georgia Tech and Atlantic Station (and between the Connector and Northside Drive), Home Park neighborhood leadership has provided planning frameworks through the years, ultimately approved and incorporated ...
  • Habersham County Growth Management and Conservation Strategies 

    Davis, Nathan; Davis, Madison; Scott, Sierra; Kaufman, Mira; Raven, Roxanne; Beduhn, Lauren (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022-12)
    Georgia's land cover change over the past 50 years has been documented in an unprecedented study conducted by the Georgia Conservancy and the Georgia Tech Center for Spatial Planning and Visualization (CSPAV). This study ...
  • A Feasibility Study for the Development of Air Mobility Operations within an Airport City (Aerotropolis) 

    Wang, Xi; Balchanos, Michael G.; Mavris, Dimitri N. (AIAA, 2023-01)
    This study aims to create a simulation environment to study the feasibility of an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) system in an airport-centric infrastructure or aerotropolis area. The environment and the study are to confirm ...
  • Decision-Making and Optimization Framework for the Design of Emerging Satellite Constellations 

    Koerschner, Marc A.; Krishnan, Kavya Navaneetha; Payan, Alexia P.; Mavris, Dimitri N. (AIAA, 2023-01)
    With the parallel increase in global orbital debris due to passive object collisions, as well as in the number of proposed low earth orbit mega-constellations, in anti-satellite missile tests, and the fielding of new ...

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