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Georgia Tech Is Now Accepting Applications for Tenth&Home

Tenth&Home consists of 161 one-bedroom and 233 two-bedroom luxury apartments. Of course, you must be a registered Georgia Tech student to be eligible to live at Tenth&Home.

Tenth&Home offers the unique advantage of full integration with the Tech community. As part of Georgia Tech, residents will be positioned to take full advantage of all aspects of the Georgia Tech experience. Georgia Tech is more than just classes and academics, living on campus means access to a full range of social and community services.

"The quality of the building, the amenities and the grounds have been top priorities throughout the design phase and remain so now during the construction phase," explains Georgia Tech Department of Housing Director Michael Black. "We are thrilled to be able to offer residents a first-class apartment home and still be able to keep the costs to individuals very reasonable."

Tenth&Home represents Georgia Tech's commitment to quality housing. With focused guidance from Georgia Tech representatives, Tenth&Home was designed and built by the leading architectural firm Cooper Carry. Cooper Carry is a superior architectural firm with a philosophy that drives not only top quality construction and design, but also maximizes quality of life. Cooper Carry has successfully designed property for Georgia Tech in the past including the Undergraduate Living Center located at 580 Turner Place.

"The countless included amenities and services that will be available at Tenth&Home are extraordinary. Rentals in the area can't hold a candle to Tenth&Home for not only quality construction and design, but also for what's included for one simple fee," said Georgia Tech Department of Housing Associate Director Don Neuendorff. "When students do a real comparison with local rentals, Tenth&Home will be the obvious smart choice."
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