(Electronically-Approved by the Executive Board 04/14/06)



Executive Board Representing College of Engineering


Replacing Leon McGinnis (ISyE)

        Doug Williams (ECE) Elected



Executive Board Representing College of Architecture


Replacing Russell Gentry (Arch)

        Richard Dagenhart (Arch) Elected



Executive Board Representing the College of Management


Replacing Arnold Schneider (Mgt)

        Cheryl Gaimon (MGT) Elected



Executive Board Representing Services & Central Administration


Replacing Linda Cabot (OIT)

        John Stein (Stu Serv) Elected



Executive Board Representing GTRI


Replacing Claudia Huff (ITTL)

        Leanne West (EOSL) Elected





General Faculty Faculty Benefits Committee


Replacing Jean Hudgins (Library)


        Jean Hudgins (Library) Elected



Replacing Michael Elliott (ARCH)


        Lee Sheiner (GTRI) Elected



General Faculty Faculty Honors Committee


Replacing Ruth Kanfer (Psyc)


        Leigh McCook (GTRI) Elected



General Faculty Faculty Status & Grievance Committee


Replacing Mike Rodgers (EAS)


        Marion Usselman (CEISMC) Elected



Replacing Ajit Yoganathan (BME)


        Ajit Yoganathan (BME) Elected



General Faculty Statutes Committee


Replacing Tim Strike (GTRI)


        Tim Strike (GTRI) Elected



Replacing George Johnston (ARCH)


        David R. White (Computing) Elected





General Faculty Academic Services


Replacing Carol Colatrella (LCC)


        Kent Barefield (CoS) Elected


Replacing Maureen Kilroy (Grad Office)


        Margaret Loper (GTRI) Elected



Replacing Nancey Green Leigh (ARCH)

        Nancey Green Leigh (ARCH) Elected



General Faculty Welfare & Security


Replacing Mary Ann Ingram (ECE)


        Matthew Noury (GTRI) Elected



Replacing Jane Weyant (CoE)


        Jane Weyant (CoE) Elected



Replacing Hal Irvin (Org Dev)


        Hal Irvin (Org Dev) Elected





Academic Faculty Undergraduate Curriculum Committee



Replacing Lloyd Byars (MGT)


        Nancy Wong (Mgt) Elected



Replacing Paul Kohl (ChBE)


        Jerry Seitzman (AE) Elected



Replacing Chris Lynch (ME)


        George Riley (ECE) Elected


Replacing Charles Rudolph (Arch)


        Gil Weinberg (Arch) Elected



Replacing Gordon Kingsley (Pub Policy)


        Richard Barke (Pub Pol) Elected



Academic Faculty Graduate Committee


Replacing Gary Parker (ISyE)


        Gary Parker (ISyE) Elected



Replacing Jim Craig (AE)


        Jim Craig (AE) Elected



Replacing Leonard Parsons (MGT)


        Luis Martins (Mgt) Elected



Replacing H. Venkateswaran (CoC)


        Leo Mark (CoC) Elected




Academic Faculty Student Regulations Committee


Replacing Kent Barefield (Chem)


        Ray Vito (CoE) Elected



Replacing Richard Barke (Pub Policy)


        Peter McGuire (IAC) Elected



Academic Faculty Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee


Replacing Greg Corso (Psych)


        Greg Corso (Psych) Elected



Replacing Mo Li (MSE)


        Mo Li (MSE) Elected



Replacing Patty Sobecky (BIOL)


        Patty Sobecky (BIOL) Elected



Replacing Cheryl Gaimon (MGT)


        Augustine Esogbue (ISyE) Elected




Academic Faculty Student Activities Committee


Replacing Brent Carter (MSE)


        Brent Carter (MSE) Elected



Academic Faculty Student Grievance & Appeal Committee


Replacing Deborah Turner (MGT)


        Sylvia Maier (INTA) Elected




Academic Faculty Student Honor Committee


Replacing Mary Axford (Library)


        Mary Axford (Library) Elected


Replacing Haskell Beckham (PTFE)


        Haskell Beckham (PTFE) Elected



Replacing Gunter Sharp (ISyE)


        Gunter Sharp (ISyE) Elected




Academic Faculty Student Computer Ownership Committee


Replacing Luis Martins (MGT)


        T. Govindaraj (ISyE) Elected



Academic Faculty Committee on Academic Integrity


Replacing Tom Morley (Math)


        Tom Morley (Math) Elected





Representative of the Services & Central Administration Constituency to the General Faculty Assembly


Replacing Maureen Kilroy (Grad Studies)


        Carole Moore (VPAA) Elected



Replacing Jonathan Gordon (OARS)


        Deborah Smith (Enroll Svcs) Elected



Replacing Gail Disabatino (Stu Serv)


        S. Gordon Moore (OMED) Elected



Replacing Warren Page (Facilities Adm)


        David Carico (Development) Elected



Replacing Chuck Donbaugh (OHR)


        Rosalind Meyers (Aux Svcs) Elected