Annual Report

2004 - 2005


Members of the Committee: Tom Akins (DOPP) ex officio, Catherine Covington (Student), Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), Frank Lambert (ECE) - Chair, Lionel Lemarchand (ModL), Ryan McFerrin (Student), Carol Moore (Provost), Gail Palmer (ECE), and Jane Weyant (COE)


The Committee met on the following dates: 8/30, 9/27, 11/3, 12/06, 2/8, 3/18, and 4/27


Members of the committee served on the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee and the VOICE Initiative during the year.


Our areas of focus for the year included:

-                     Motorized carts on campus – A campus wide committee developed a proposed policy for the use of motorized carts on campus last fall.  This proposed policy was forwarded to Dr. Thompson’s office for review at the end of 2004.  No action has been taken on the recommended policy as of 8/30/2005. Motorized carts on campus will be an on-going issue for 2005-06.


-                     Parking and Transportation Issues – The committee expressed our displeasure with the parking fee increase as a violation of the commitment to hold rates flat after moving to the $500 uniform permit fees.  The Committee also expressed support for adding bus service on Bobby Dodd and Cherry Street and the need to keep open existing surface lots to help keep parking costs in control.


-                     VOICE – Violence Prevention and Advocacy Initiative for Georgia Tech.  The committee sponsored a presentation to the General Faculty to increase the awareness of this issue and agreed to provide a liaison member to help involve the faculty in this effort.


-                     Emergency Preparedness – Vic Rachel and Bob Lang provided an update on the Emergency Operations Plans.  Each building has an emergency planning coordinator with their “Red Book” emergency planAudits and inspections are scheduled to begin in the near future.  There will be an annual fire drill for each building.


-                     Harassment of Faculty by Students – The committee worked with the Dean of Students office to address harassment of faculty members by students.  Rule 21 has been adopted into the Student Code of Conduct to clarify this issue.


-                     Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) – Representatives from Cardiac Science worked with the committee to develop a proposal for an AED implementation plan for the campus.  The Executive Board reviewed the proposal at their June 2005 meeting and offered their support.  The committee will work with the Administration during the fall semester to finalize the plan.