Welfare and Security Committee



September 27, 2004

3:00PM, Van Leer Room W225


WSC Members Present: Gail Palmer (ECE), Jane Weyant, (COE), Frank Lambert (ECE), Chair, Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), and Carole Moore (Provost), Catherine Covington (Student), Ryan McFerrin (Student), Tom Akins (DOPP) Ex-officio


Guests: Teresa Crocker, Director of Security and Police; Bob Furniss, Director of Parking and Transportation; Vonnie Pryor



1.      The minutes of our August 30, 2004 meeting were approved as submitted.


2.      The Annual Report for the 03-04 year was approved for presentation at General Faculty Assembly on October 14, 2004.


3.      Motorized Carts on Campus –Chief Crocker provided an update on the status of this issue.  There are now over 80 motorized carts being operated on campus.  Chief Crocker, Bob Furniss, and Chuck Rhodes have been charged with developing a proposal for consideration by Bob Thompson by the end of Fall Semester.  Copies of their past minutes, pertinent laws, and recommendations will be forwarded to the Welfare & Security Committee members for their information.


4.      Graduate Student Orientation Program – Chief Crocker was pleased with the progress made during the orientation process this past summer.  They were able to address both large and small groups to make new students aware of the potential for crime on campus.  Chief Crocker is planning to work with Mary Ann Ingram to develop an information packet to use in the hiring process with new graduate research assistants.


5.      Parking & Transportation Budget Process – Bob Furniss reported that the budget process for FY ’06 was beginning.  Their goal is to limit increases in parking fees to no more than 3% over the next several years. 


6.      Parking & Transportation Committee – Jane Weyant will replace Tom Akins as a representative from Welfare & Security on the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee. (Note: After checking with PTAC, Tom Akins’ position was not as a representative of Welfare & Security.  Mary Ann Ingram will remain as our representative.)


7.      Bus Shelters – The first bus shelter (8’ x 16’) will be installed at Atlantic and Ferst.  This prototype design will be evaluated and additional shelters will be added as funding is available.


8.      Harassment of Faculty by Students – Members discussed the current policy and asked that Gail Disabatino join us at our next meeting for continued discussion.


9.      New Business – A question was raised concerning the need for tornado warning sirens on campus.  This item will be placed on the agenda for our next meeting.


10.  Our next meeting will be scheduled for early November.