Annual Report of the Academic Services Committee for 2004-2005


Submitted by Jim Sowell, Co-Committee Chair

Senior Academic Professional

School of Physics


September 20, 2005


The following people served on the committee during the 2004-2005 academic year:


Carol Colatrella, LCC

Jeffrey Donnell, ME

Joseph Hoey, Office of Assessment

Mary Clark, (Fall) Undergraduate Student

Nancey Green Leigh, Architecture

Maureen Kilroy, GS&R

Craig Shaw, (Spring) Undergraduate Student

Jim Sowell, Physics, Co-Chair

Myrtle Turner, GTRI, Co-Chair

Jane Weyant, CoE

Tom Horton, Executive Board Liaison


The committee met seven times during the academic year to monitor infrastructure that supports research and teaching.  The topics covered at committee meetings included:


1.        SACS Accreditation: Joseph Hoey gave an overview of the SACS Accreditation process, which has two reports:  The first presented GT’s certification of compliance with SACS requirements, and the second presented GT’s Quality Enhancement Plan.

2.        Student Concerns: SGA President Amy Phuong provided an overview of student concerns.  These included (a) Bookstore (Course books are considered to be expensive, and availability is sometimes a problem), (b) Irregular Meeting Times (Sometimes instructors require attendance at class meetings that are outside the official time slot for the class), (c) Transportation and Parking (Few complaints), and (d) The Student Center (No complaints).

3.        Personal Response Systems: Drs. Kent Barefield (Chemistry) and Eric Murray (Physics) described their experiences using PRS in their undergraduate classrooms.  Instructors need to be willing to invest time and energy to introduce questions and discussions into lecture material.  The tool is attractive to those who want to get students to think about concepts during lecture sessions. 

4.        Library: Jody Thompson, Acting Head of the Library’s Archives, gave a brief overview of the Archives and Special Collections department’s mission, its holdings and the services that it can perform for GT faculty and students.  Catherine Jannik, Head of the Library’s Digital Initiatives, described the Library’s efforts to digitize and archive significant documents, and to add value to digital collections in collaborative projects.  Both emphasized that the Archives and Special Collections Department is keen to work the community to locate and preserve important documents, to promote and display its current collection, and to pursue new projects with noteworthy documents in either hardcopy or digital form. 

5.        CRC: Michael Edwards, Director of the Campus Recreational Center, gave a tour of the facility, explaining what recreational opportunities it provides and what needs are anticipated in the future. 

6.        Homeland Security: Director Bob Lang presented an overview of the current initiatives of the GT Office of Homeland Security, which is responsible for coordinating with all local and state emer-gency departments.  They are also investigating new ways to design emergency response procedures.

7.        GT Savannah: David Frost, Director of Georgia Tech Savannah, gave an overview of programs and enrollment at GT Savannah.  These included Background, Enrollment, Facilities, and Opportunities in Savannah.