Academic Integrity Committee Minutes

August 30, 2004


Present: Thomas Morley (Faculty Member), Magnus Egerstedt (Faculty Member), John Dean (Honor Advisor Council – HAC – Chair), Cheryl Content (Honor Committee), Karen Boyd (Senior Associate Dean of Students), Andrea Goldblum (Office of Student Integrity – Visitor) and Ericka McGarity (Office of Student Integrity – Visitor)


Absent: Faculty Member, Undergraduate Representative, Graduate Representative


Meeting called to order at 2:10pm


I.                    Dr. Morley distributed blank forms to facilitate scheduling future meetings.


II.                 Dr. Morley solicited nominations for the committee chair position. Dr. Morley was the only nomination and he was elected by acclamation.


III.               Dr. Morley reminded the committee of the committees website that was established to facilitate communication. userid: honor password: code


IV.              Code Changes to go before first Rules and Regulations Committee meeting.


V.                 Karen Boyd introduced Andrea Goldblum and Ericka McGarity. Karen Boyd also proposed potential topics for the coming year.

        Faculty Educational materials for new process

        Review academic case load by Demographics

        Academic Integrity Seminar

        Undergraduate Research grant for Honor Advisors Council to assist in various academic integrity research

        How to Prepare Academically Honest Class rooms Manual

        Review Faculty Newsletter format and process for distribution


VI.              HAC Update 2003-04 Accomplishments Highlights