Academic Integrity Committee Minutes

October 1, 2004



In attendence were Tom Morley (Math, Chair), Wes Angel (HAC, student), Jonathan Olinger (student, HAC), Andera Goldbloum (OSO), Cheryl Contant (CRP, Arch, ex officio), Bob Kirkman (Public Policy)


1.      The first part of the meeting was spent discussing the criteria for determining when a determination of Academic Honor code violation should result in a determination of disciplinary probation (as opposed to a lighter finding such as disciplinary warning).


We decided that the following factors of the Honor code violation should contribute to the decision:


    * benefit to student

    * quality and scale

    * intentionality

    * degree of involvement


Some violations, especially those involving fraud (such as manipulation of transcripts) should result in the heaviest penalties.


2.      We began a discussion of the statistics that show a breakdown of Academic honor code violations by ethnicity, etc.