Academic Integrity Committee Meeting Minutes 3/4/05


Present were: Professor Tom Morley, Chair; Mitch Keller, Graduate Student and member of HAC; Karen Boyd, Senior Associate Dean of Students; Andrea Goldblum, Director of Student Integrity.


  1. The committee went over the sanctioning guidelines and discussed format.
  2. There was discussion of possible plans for educating the faculty on the new case resolution options, which will include written materials and presentations. Faculty on the Academic Integrity committee should have a direct role in this. The Committee should request to be on the agenda of the first Faculty Senate meeting in the Fall.
  3. There was discussion about exploring the possibility of requesting that a faculty member receive release time to work on Academic Integrity issues, including serving on the Academic Integrity Committee and working with HAC, etc.
  4.  It was determined that the Committee needs to look at the Faculty/student Academic Integrity survey for next year to determine appropriate questions for the 2nd part of the survey. These questions should be based on what information is needed to help in presentations, etc.
  5. Possible future configurations for hearing boards were discussed. The discussion centered on what could be done to make the formal hearing process more timely and efficient.


The next meeting will be held on Friday, April 1, 2005 at 2:00 pm in Student Services 203.


Respectfully submitted,


Andrea Goldblum