Student Activities Committee Annual Report


Committee Members:

Nancy Simons (Faculty Member), Brent Carter (Faculty member, Chair), Tom Morley (Faculty Member), Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs representative, Secretary), Jude Leblanc (Faculty Member), Collin Potts (Faculty Member), Linda Cabot (Executive Board Liaison), Orit Sklar (USC representative), Rigan Patel (USC representative), Priyanka Pohatgi (GSS representative)


Meetings were held on: September 28, 2004, October 26, 2004, February 24, 2005, May 5, 2005


The election of the 2004-2005 Chair was conducted on September 28, 2005.  Brent Carter was unanimously elected.  Danielle McDonald was appointed secretary.


Organization Charters Approved

The following list of new student organization charters were unanimously approved:

Society of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Students (SEASS) September 28, 2004

Association of Bioinformatics (ABiS) September 28, 2004

Triathlon Club September 28, 2004

Badminton Club September 28, 2004

Mobilizing Opportunities for Volunteer Experiences (MOVE) September 28, 2004

Order of Arrow September 28, 2004

STAC Society September 28, 2004

Materials Umbrella Society October 26, 2004

Myanmar Student Association October 26, 2004

ASHA For Education February 24, 2005

Pool and Billiards Club February 24, 2005

 Art Infinitum February 24, 2005

Association for India’s Development February 24, 2005

Bhakti Yoga Club February 24, 2005

Field Hockey Club February 24, 2005

Engineering Students Without Borders May 5, 2005

 Graduate Student TAPPI/PIMA May 5, 2005

Traditional Tae Kwon Do Club May 5, 2005

Alpha Delta Chi May 5, 2005


Constitution Amendments passed unanimously

Undergraduate Student Government Bylaws (03U154) September 28, 2004

- Changed name of Government and External Affairs to Student Lobbying Board

Undergraduate Student Government Bylaws (03U061) September 28, 2004

-Creates a class caucus system

Undergraduate Student Government Bylaws (03U087) September 28, 2004

-Reallocation of Representatives

IFC Bylaw and Constitution Amendments September 28, 2004

-Added Recruitment and Programming Vice Presidents and their duties

-Created Greek Excellence and Public Relations committees

-Clarification of duties

Panhellenic Council Bylaw and Constitution Amendments October 26, 2004

Added Public Relations chair to standing committees

Added how Chapter Total is determined

Added when Panhellenic Principles will be voted on

Added procedures for Local sororities, interest groups, and colonies

Added fine for returned checks

Added Fraternity Sponsored Philanthropy Events process

Updated the officer rotation

Added Panhellenic Principles to Executive Programming chair

Added fines for missing deadlines



2005-2006 Student Activity Fee Budget was passed May 5, 2005