Welfare and Security Committee



Van Leer W218, 3:00PM

Monday, December 6, 2004



WSC Members Present: Jane Weyant, (COE), Frank Lambert (ECE) Chair, Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), Carole Moore (Provost), Tom Akins (DOPP) Ex-officio


Guests: Teresa Crocker, Director of Security and Police; Bob Furniss, Director of Parking and Transportation; Heather Surrency and Yvette Upton (Violence against Women Grant Committee)


1.      The minutes of our November 3, 2004 were approved as presented.


2.      Violence Against Women Grant - Heather Surrency and Yvette Upton provided information on VOICE Violence Prevention and Advocacy Initiative for Georgia Tech. Based upon extrapolated data from a 2000 survey of various colleges and applied to our student body, there may be as many as 600 sexual assaults against GT female students each year. Less than five are reported to the Campus Police.


VOICE contains both prevention and victim advocacy components. The initial grant from the Department of Justice is ending. The Violence Prevention Coordinator position has been funded by Health Services and will continue. The Advocacy Response Coordinator funding will end in June of 2005 unless another sponsor is found. They requested a liaison member from Welfare and Security to help involve the faculty in this effort.


The Welfare & Security Committee agreed to request a presentation be made to the General Faculty at their next meeting to increase the awareness of this issue.


3.      Parking Budget Review Bob Furniss provided copies of the proposed parking budget for next year which contains a 3% increase in parking permits. The primary component of the increased expenditures is the debt service for the new parking decks. All new decks in the capital plan not currently under constructions have been pushed forward. The Parking Office has plans to obtain access to DMV next year to identify the registered owner of ticketed vehicles. They have almost $1,000,000 in parking fees that will be turned over for collection.


The Welfare & Security Committee agreed to express our displeasure with the 3% increase to PTAC as a violation of the commitment to hold rates flat after moving to the $500 uniform permit fees. The Committee also expressed support for adding bus service on Bobby Dodd and Cherry Street and the need to keep open existing surface lots to help keep parking costs in control.


4.      Automatic External Defibrillators The Welfare & Security Committee recommends that AEDs being included in building emergency plans and acquired as funds become available (~$1,200).


5.      Harassment of Faculty by Students Rule 21 is under consideration for addition to the Student Code of Conduct.


6.      Student Center Parking Deck Lighting The lighting has been repaired at the Student Center Parking Deck. The visitor pay lot at the Student Center will be available for open access between 11:00PM and 6:00AM on weekdays and full time on weekends (except during athletic events) beginning in January. The lot will close each weekday at 10:30PM and all cars remaining will be ticketed ($6.00).


7.      Motorized Carts The proposed policy has been presented to Bob Thompson and is under consideration.


8.      Meeting Schedule - Our next meeting will be scheduled for early February.