Academic Services Committee


February 3, 2005



Members Present:  Carol Colatrella (LCC), Jeffrey Donnell (ME), Maureen Kilroy (GS&R), Craig Shaw (SGA), Jim Sowell (PHYS).


Members Absent:  Joseph Hoey (OARS), Tom Horton (GTRI), Myrtle Turner (GTRI), Jane Weyant (CoE).


Visitors:  Michael Edwards, Director of the Georgia Tech Campus Recreational Center


1.        The meeting came to order at 1:05 p.m. on February 3, 2005 in the lobby of the Georgia Tech Campus Recreational Center (CRC).


2.        Michael Edwards, Director of the Campus Recreational Center gave a tour of the facility, explaining what recreational opportunities it provides to the GT community and what needs are anticipated in the future.  The following points were made:  


The new CRC facility is about 300,000 square feet in size, as compared with 98,000 square feet for the SAC facility that it replaces. 


The CRC coordinates most organized recreation at GT, including ORGT for outdoor recreation, all campus intramural sports, and twenty-seven sport clubs.  The CRC also provides many regular fitness classes.  Listings of the particular sports and classes available at the CRC can be found at the following locations on the CRC website:



Intramural Sports:

Sport Clubs:

Fitness programs:


The CRC’s fitness programs include numerous martial arts classes, personal trainers, massage therapy and instructional classes. 


The CRC facility is partitioned into activity centers, including: 


A Fitness Center, with treadmills, weight machines and free weights.  The Fitness Center covers about 15,000 square feet and holds over 200 machines of different kinds. 


The Vernon D. and Helen D. Crawford Pool is a leisure pool with a water slide,


The racing and diving pools used in the 1996 Olympic Games were preserved along with one grandstand on the south side of the pool.  This pool area is fully equipped for media, as it provides electronic infrastructure and mechanical access for cameras, broadcast booths and the like.  The pool facility has been and will be used for large collegiate competitions and on occasion for Olympic tryouts. 


Both pools are overseen by trained and certified lifeguards.  The CRC also provides certification courses for lifeguards; information on such certification can be found at


The CRC has an indoor track.  The main gym has six basketball courts that can be converted for Volleyball, Badminton and Fencing.  An indoor soccer / roller hockey rink is also available.  A small snack bar is available as well. 


Membership is required.  The membership application and fee schedule can be obtained online at .



While the indoor facilities at CRC are excellent, outdoor facilities at GT are limited.  There is an outdoor Beach Volleyball facility, and several large soccer / practice fields adjoin the building.  There are, however, no baseball fields, and Georgia Tech will be left without a tennis facility when the campus tennis center is closed, due to structural concerns, during 2005. 


3.        The next meeting of the Academic Services Committee will take place at 1:00 p.m. on March 10, 2005 in Physics N110. 


4.        The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey Donnell, Secretary