Welfare and Security Committee



Bunger-Henry Room 196, 3:30PM

Tuesday, February 8, 2005



WSC Members Present: Jane Weyant, (COE), Frank Lambert (ECE) Chair, Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), Carole Moore (Provost).


1.      The minutes of our December 6, 2004 meeting were approved as presented.


2.      Parking Budget Review – Mary Ann Ingram was not able to attend the January 11th PTAC meeting to voice our concerns with the proposed parking fee increase.  The Welfare & Security Committee is opposed to the 3% increase as a violation of the commitment to hold rates flat after moving to the $500 uniform permit fees. 


3.      Automatic External Defibrillators – The Welfare & Security Committee would like to see a coordinated campus plan to inform the Faculty / Student Body of the present locations of AEDs and education on their use.  The campus plan should also include locations where additional units should be located as budget funds become available.  The responsible staff member will be invited to our next meeting to discuss this issue.


4.      Harassment of Faculty by Students – Rule 21 has been adopted into the Student Code of Conduct.  This new rule provides additional safeguards to prevent harassment of Faculty by Students.  The Committee considers this issue resolved.


5.      Motorized Carts – There has not been any action on the proposed policy to address the use of motorized carts on campus.  The Welfare & Security Committee plans to request the Executive Board to review this issue.


6.      New Items – Responsible staff members will be invited to our next meeting to discuss the following issues:


7.      Meeting Schedule - Our next meeting will be scheduled for the week of March 14-18.