Welfare and Security Committee



Van Leer Room W218, 2:30PM

Friday, March 18, 2005



WSC Members Present: Jane Weyant, (COE), Frank Lambert (ECE) Chair, Carole Moore (Provost), Catherine Covington (Student), Tom Akins (DOPP) Ex-officio.


Guests: Vic Rachael, Fire Safety Coordinator, Teresa Crocker, Director of Security and Police; Bob Lang, Director of Homeland Security, Bob Furniss, Director of Parking and Transportation


1.      The minutes of our February 8, 2005 meeting were approved as presented.


2.      Emergency Preparedness – Emergency Operations Plans are now in place for most of the buildings.  Each building has a Coordinator with their “Red Book” emergency plan.  Audits and inspections are scheduled to begin in the near future.  There will be an annual fire drill for each building. 


A grant application has been made for a campus wide emergency notification system.  The system will be able to deliver instructions to the entire campus or just specific areas based upon the emergency.


3.      Unsafe Spots on Campus – Several problem locations were identified.  The annual night walk around campus with Dr. Clough will be held on April 18 at 7:00PM to identify security issues.  All of our committee is invited to participate in the walk.


4.      Automatic External Defibrillators – Bob Lang will assist in acquiring information on AEDs and developing an initial campus deployment plan for discussion at our next meeting.


5.      Violence Against Women – Gail Palmer has attended her first VOICE meeting and will be working as our liaison with the task force.


6.      Parking Budget – Bob Furniss reported that a decision has been made to increase parking permit fees 4% for next year to help with the budget deficit.  Debt service on the new decks is the primary cause.   


7.      Motorized Carts – This item has been referred to the Executive Board for review.


8.      Meeting Schedule - Our next meeting will be scheduled for the week of April 25-29.