Date: October 4, 2005


To: Professor Said Abdel-Khalik

Secretary of the Faculty

Mechanical Engineering 0405


From: Deborah H. Turner

College of Management

Chair, Student Grievance and Appeal Committee


Re: Report of Student Grievance and Appeal Committee activities

during the 2004-2005 academic year



The Student Grievance and Appeal Committee (SGAC) considered eight cases brought before the committee in 2004-05. This is the same number of cases as were considered during the 2003-04 academic year.


The eight cases considered were in the following categories:


Academic misconduct: 2

Nonacademic misconduct: 3

Grade appeals: 3


The disposition of these cases was:


Appeal denied 5

Request for hearing denied 1

Hearing granted, no change 1

Appeal granted, recommended

change in sanction 1


In addition, the SGAC solicited nine volunteers to serve as outside members on unit-level grade appeal committees.