Student Regulations Committee

2004-2005 Annual Report



The members of the Committee were: K. Barefield (CHEM) Chair, R. Barke (PUBPOL), M. Clark (UG Student), W. Drummond (ARCH), T. Habetler (ECE), L. Jacobs (CEE), J. McIver (Registrar), W. Schafer (Student Affairs), J. Streater (ME)


The Committee met five times during the year. The Committee recommended, and the Academic Senate subsequently approved, the following changes to the Student Rules and Regulations:


  1. Modifications of the Student Code of Conduct (R&R section XIX B, D, E and F)

  1. Modification the Re-Exam Policy (R&R - section VII B3)

  1. Implementation of a Grade Substitution Policy (add to R&R as section V C)