Student Regulations Committee

December 3, 2004




Present: K. Barefield (CHEM) - Chair, R. Barke (PUBPOL), M. Clark (UG Student), G. DiSabatino (Student Affairs for W. Schafer), W. Drummond (ARCH), T. Habetler (ECE), L. Jacobs (CEE)


Absent: J. McIver (Registrar), J. Streator (ME)


Visiting: Karen Boyd (Student Affairs), Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs)


Agenda: 1) Approval of minutes of October 29 meeting
2) Revisions to Section XIX Student Code of Conduct (handout)
3) Policy on re-exams (continued from Oct. 29 meeting)

4) Grade substitution policy




The meeting convened at 11:00 am.


1) Minutes of Oct. 29 were approved as presented.


2) Karen Boyd and Andrea Goldblum (Student Affairs) presented suggestions for changes to Section XIX Student Code of Conduct that were intended to clarify and expand several subsections. A number of suggestions for minor additional changes and modifications were made by committee members with the understanding that these would be incorporated in the document by Karen Boyd and that final approval by the committee would be by email ballot. The revised document was circulated to committee members on December 24. The document was found acceptable by all committee members, but Jeff Streator did suggest one additional change and noted some capitalizations that had been missed. These were incorporated into the document and it was circulated to the committee again for further comments. None were received. The attached document is considered approved and has been forwarded to the Senate.


3) After considerable discussion consensus was reached of the objectives of a revision to the re-exam policy, but action was delayed until Jo McIver could comment. Email exchanges between the Chair and McIver over the precise wording of the revision extended to the end of the semester and revealed another problem with re-examinations that had not come to light earlier, i.e., where academic dishonesty contributed to the failing grade.  Language was developed and circulated to the committee on December 24. All committee members found the sense of the revision acceptable but Jeff Streator noted that there could be a problem with interpretation of one sentence. After further consultation with McIver, the Chair changed the language to eliminate the problem and the document was circulated again to the committee for further comments. None were received. The attached document is considered approved has been forwarded to the Senate.


4) In view of the limited time remaining, discussion of the proposed Grade Substitution Policy was delayed until the next meeting. The Chair was charged with establishing meeting times for spring term and to invite Gary May to participate in the discussion of the grade substitution policy.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 pm.

Proposed Revisions to re-exam policy

Proposed revision to section XIX