Statutes Committee

Annual Report for 2004-2005

Members: Ron Bohlander – GTRI (Chair), Russell Gentry – Architecture (Exec. Bd. Liaison), Paul Griffin – ISyE, TyAnna Herrington – LCC, George Johnston – Architecture, Tim Strike – GTRI

During the past year, the committee addressed the following issues.

1.      The committee completed a project to update the format of the Faculty Handbook so that it would be more user-friendly, have a less complex numbering scheme, and convey a more pleasing graphic appearance. A study of handbooks at peer institutions was made, best practices identified, and a set of requirements developed to guide our work.  The Handbook is now handled in a web content management system called RoboInfo and will be posted for use early in the next academic year.  Thanks are due to Dan Klainbaum, webmaster to the Provost, to Tabitha Barnette in the Office of Faculty Support Services, and to Lori Sundal, George Smedberg, Steven Green and many others in OIT for excellent support.

2.      Included in the Handbook update is the new policy on Conflict of Interest developed by the Executive Board’s committee chaired by Dr. Gisele Bennett and approved by the General Faculty in their September 14, 2004 meeting.  (See old section number 5.2 and new section number 38.)

3.      The committee received a request from the Executive Board to develop a new policy Intercollegiate Athletics Governance.  This was developed in collaboration with the Executive Board and with the help of Prof. George Nemhauser, GIT’s Faculty Athletics Representative.  The new section of the Faculty Handbook on this subject was presented to and adopted by the faculty at the October 14, 2004 meeting of the General Faculty.  (Old section number 2.12 or new section number 15)

4.      At the same meeting, the committee also presented a description of the Faculty Ombuds Program developed during the previous academic year by Prof. Emeritus Edward Thomas.  The faculty approved the inclusion of this material in the Handbook.  (Old section or new section 37.3.6)

5.      At the request of Dr. Jilda Garton, Associate Vice-Provost for Research, and with the concurrence of Prof. Leon McGinnis, Chair of the Executive Board, the committee updated the policy in the Handbook concerning Scholarly Misconduct to be the same as one already adopted in the Handbook of the Office of Human Resources.  The latter had been developed to provide more details of the policies already in place and to comply with recent legislation and regulatory actions of agencies overseeing U.S. government funding.  The revised version is found in new section number 35.

6.      A few other sections of the Handbook have been identified as needing to be updated to match more recent material in the OHR Handbook and work to rectify this is in progress.



Respectfully submitted on August 29, 2005

Ron Bohlander, Chair, 2003-06