Statutes Committee

Minutes of July 19, 2005



Members Present: Ron Bohlander - GTRI (Chair), Russell Gentry - Arch (Exec. Bd. Liaison), Paul Griffin – ISyE, George Johnston – Arch., TyAnna Herrington – LCC


Members Absent: Tim Strike – GTRI - excused


Vacancy: Student representative


Visitors:  none


1.       Ron Bohlander, Chair, called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. in Electronics Research Building, Room 242.

2.       Ron updated the committee on progress with the new Faculty Handbook website.

·         He showed the committee the current working beta version on his computer.  Most of the editing has been completed.

·         Dan Klainbaum, webmaster for the Provost’s office and a student in LCC, is working on getting the web site working again from the Provost’s web server at

·         We are aiming to get approval to go live with an official version by the end of the summer.  Such approval will come from the Secretary of the Faculty and from the Office of Faculty Support Services.

3.       The committee discussed possible future improvements in format and site maintenance.  It is still early in experience with the new development environment, RoboInfo, to draw definitive conclusions but there is room for improvement.  Ron Bohlander agreed to ask Tabitha Barnette in the Office of Faculty Support Services about policies for archiving editions of the Handbook.

4.       It was noted that the committee had agreed via email (between 5/31 and 6/3) to update the Faculty Handbook Section 35 concerning Scholarly Misconduct, replacing the contents of this section with the latest policies of GIT as published recently in the Office of Human Resources Handbook.  This step was requested by Jilda Garton, Associate Vice Provost for Research, to ensure compliance with recent legislation governing federal government grants.  The change was also approved by Leon McGinnis, chair of the GIT Executive Board.

5.       Ron presented an analysis of other places where the Faculty Handbook and the Office of Human Resources Handbook overlap in subject matter.  Eight more topics were identified, but in only two cases does the OHR Handbook contain more recent policy than the Faculty Handbook; namely, concerning Affirmative Action (Sec. 37) and Anti-Harassment (Sec. 37.4).  The committee agreed to prepare revised sections for the Faculty Handbook in accord with the OHR Handbook.  We will aim to have these reviewed by the faculty in fall 2006.  Ty Herrington will take the lead on Sec. 37 and Ron Bohlander on 37.4.

6.       The committee recently received an input from Kent Barefield pointing out that Sections 46.3 and 46.4 on Examinations, Quizzes, and Mid-Term Grades do not describe actual operating procedures currently in force.  Paul Griffin agreed to investigate and prepare a recommended text.

7.       Russell Gentry agreed to review a table of offices responsible for sections of the Faculty Handbook.  He would consult Executive Board officers and provide feedback to the committee and to Tabitha Barnette so she can use the table to poll the right offices for needed updates.

8.       The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.



Respectfully submitted on Aug. 11, 2005 Approved via email responses: Aug. 13, 2005

Ron Bohlander, Chair