Statutes Committee

DRAFT: Minutes of October 21, 2004



Members Present: Ron Bohlander - GTRI (Chair), Russell Gentry - Arch (Exec. Bd. Liaison), Paul Griffin ISyE, George Johnston - Arch, Tim Strike GTRI, TyAnna Herrington LCC

Members Absent: None


Vacancy: Student representative

Visitors: none

1.       Ron Bohlander, Chair, called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. in Architecture, Room 250.

2.       The minutes were approved of the Aug. 17, 2004 meeting.

3.       Ron updated the committee on recent changes to the Faculty Handbook approved by the Faculty:

         Conflict of Interest section

         New section on Intercollegiate Athletics Governance

         A new description of the Faculty Ombuds Program

Ty Herrington agreed to check to make sure that the new Conflict of Interest section does not conflict with related provisions in the Public Service Programs section.

4.       Ron reminded the committee of the seven characteristics we wanted to design into the new Handbook format:

         No more than three levels of outline numbering

         Tables of Contents with fewer levels & variable depth

         Primary handbook document in html on the web with optional downloadable pdf of the whole.

         Minimize need for scrolling.

         Provide search engine focused on the handbook. An index and glossary would be nice.

         Hyperlinks to help in navigation to related material.

         Overall professional appearance with tasteful use of color.

5.       Status reports were given on the assignments to groups in the committee:

o        Change only information that is out of date. We are not making policy changes.

o        We are trying to remove information that has a very limited shelf life and refer the reader instead to sources that keep such information up to date.

6.       Committee progress will be reported to the Executive Board on November 16 and to the General faculty on November 30, 2004. Russell Gentry agreed to start a table on who is the authority on each section and when each was last updated. This could be used by members of the Executive Board to spot sections needing updates.

7.       The meeting was adjourned at 12 p.m.



Respectfully submitted on Dec. 6, 2004,

Ron Bohlander, Chair, 2004-05