Student Activities Committee Minutes

October 26, 2004


Present: Nancy Simons (Faculty Member), Brent Carter (Faculty member, Chair), Tom Morley (Faculty Member), Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs representative, Secretary), Jude Leblanc (Faculty Member), Linda Cabot (Executive Board liaison), Sai Thwin (Myanmar Student Association), Alice Snedeker (Panhellenic Council), Erin Coamponeschi (MSE Umbrella Society)


Absent: Collin Potts (Faculty Member), three student members – not yet appointed


I. Approval of Minutes from September 28, 2004


Tom moved and Nancy seconded the motion to approve the minutes

Unanimously approved


II. Old Business


III. New Business


A. Charters for considerations

ASHA For Education – no representative present



Materials Umbrella Society

Discussion: Organizations updated the organizations that will be under the umbrella – Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society instead of The Metallurgical Society, clarified that elect the Executive Board first, then the chair, added a run off option


Jude moved and Tom seconded the motion to approve the charter of Materials Umbrella Society

Unanimously approved


Myanmar Student Association

Discussion: clarified that officers’ positions are filled not elected. The president is elected and chairs are appointed by the president.


Nancy moved and Jude seconded the motion to approve the charter of the STAC Society

Unanimously approved


B. Constitution and Bylaw Revisions

Panhellenic Council Bylaw and Constitution Amendments

Added Public Relations chair to standing committees

Added how Chapter Total is determined

Added when Panhellenic Principles will be voted on

Added procedures for Local sororities, interest groups, and colonies

Added fines for returned checks

Added Fraternity Sponsored Philanthropy Events process

Updated the officer rotation

Added Panhellenic Principles to Executive Programming chair

Added fines for missing deadlines


Nancy moved and Tom seconded the motion to approve the Bylaw revisions

Unanimously approved

C. Other Agenda items

Danielle notified the committee that she has been having conversations with SGA about revising the charter process and reducing the amount of hoops organizations have to jump through and the wait time they experience. One suggestion was to combine the JCOC and SAC and to create a position that works with her office to review constitutions. Waiting for SGA to decide what they want to do.