Welfare and Security




21 February 2003





Members Present: Carole Moore (ACAD SVC.), Chair, Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), Frank Lambert (ECE), Lionel Lemarchand (ModL), Gail Palmer, Tom Akins (CO-OP),


Guest: Chief Teresa Crocker


Absent: Vishal Patel (U Student), Jean Swank (GTRI), Ex Officio


1.      The meeting was called to order at 9:45 by Carole Moore, Chair.


2.      The minutes from the 17 January 2003 meeting were read and approved.


3.      Chief Crocker reported on her understanding of the Task Force Campus Safety Report:

-         there is a position open for Homeland Security for the campus

-         she discussed the possibility of a new Phone Emergency System for campus

-         she reported that they were forcefully addressing the issue of car break-ins and had made some progress


4.      Chief Crocker reported that she was not involved in the Management College move and was unaware of the security provisions during the 4 day move.She agreed to look into this and follow-up.


5.      Moore asked Chief about the North Avenue Research Complex security issue and Chief Crocker agreed to talk to Atlanta City Police Dept. and report back to committee at our April meeting.


6.      Under the Chairís report, Moore informed the group that she would not be eligible for election next year.A meeting has been scheduled with Robert Thompson and Dr. Kahn to discuss the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC). There has been no word back to the committee on the mentoring issue.††


7.      Ingram spoke briefly about the proposed rates for Official Business Permits at PTAC. She will follow up.


8.      The next Welfare and Security meeting will be held 21 March 2003 at 9:30.


9.      There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:35.