Student Activities Committee Minutes

September 12, 2002



I.                    Present: Brent Carter (outgoing chair), Gregory Abowd (Faculty member), Tom Morley (Faculty member), Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty member), Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs Representative, secretary), Joseph Jeong (Graduate Student Senate Representative), Barbara Henry (Executive Board Liaison)


Guests:  Barry Crouse, Narl Davidson, Flip Froelich


II.                Meeting Called to order by Brent Carter at 1:06pm


III.             New Business


1.  Election of New Chair and Secretary

Tom Morley nominated himself for Chair.  Mary-Frances Panettiere seconded the nomination. 


Unanimously approved


2. Tom Morley appointed Danielle McDonald as Secretary.


3.      Oriented new members

Danielle and Tom reviewed the Charter process

Brent explained the charge that the Committee on Committees gave SAC to review all the other departments listed in  We requested reports from them this year and will review any changes hereafter.

Brent and Tom the Budget Review sub-committee


4.      Future Meetings

Danielle explained that SGA has requested SAC have scheduled meetings for the semester so that organizations can plan for these deadlines.

It was agreed that Danielle would send a scheduling email to meet late in October and November.

Barbara asked how items got placed on the SAC agenda.  Danielle told her that they would contact Danielle and she would put them on the agenda.


Danielle brought up the problem that the Faculty Senate only approved Committee actions once a year, which holds up some policies and chartering action.  She suggested getting minutes approved at every meeting of the Faculty Senate.  Barbara said that was a good idea and she would look into it.  Everyone agreed to look at this process.


Meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm