Annual Report of the Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee, 2002-2003




The committee met six times during the year (11/07/02, 11/26/02, 02/25/03, 03/20/03, 04/01/03, and 04/10/03).  There were a number of informal communications between committee members between the meetings. Most of the meetings were devoted to work on the report on grade inflation, which was assigned to the Committee by the Executive Board. That report, which was done with generous assistance of Sandy Bramblett and IRP, was presented to the Executive Board at its 03/11/03 meeting and to the Academic Senate at its 04/22/03 meeting. The reminder of meeting time was dedicated to annual reviews of various functions, such as advising, admissions, and financial aid. 


In addition, the committee monitored excused absences for student activities, which are circulated among members by the Registrar.


The Committee Chair  is Miroslav Begovic until 09/16/03. New Chair is to be elected at the 09/16/03 meeting. M. Begovic corresponded with Provost McMath regarding the assignment of the liaison with the newly formed ad hoc Committee on undergraduate experience: Kim Kurtis will serve as the first liaison.


Submitted by Miroslav Begovic, Chair, 09/10/03