Faculty Honors Committee


January 10, 2003


Members Present: Carol Colatrella (LCC), Kirsten Ely (MGT), Narayanan Jayaraman (MGT-Exec. Board Liason), Paul Steffes (ECE - Chair)


Members Absent: Linda Thomas-Mobley (ARCH)-illness, Jacob Dearolph (Student Rep.)


1. After introduction of the new members (Ely and Jayraman),  the Chair reviewed work done in Fall (2002) term to disseminate the 2003 Call for Nominations. This included e-mailing the call to all unit chairs, establishment of a website for direct access to the call and instructions for preparing nominations packages (http://www.facultyhonors.gatech.edu), and publication in the October 28, 2002 issue of The Whistle.


2. A discussion was held as to the makeup of the Committee, and the potential need for a broader range of expertise on the Committee. The concept of adding one or more members was discussed. The committee requested that our Executive Board Liason (N. Jayaraman) bring this up to the Executive Board at their January 14, 2003 meeting, for referral to the Statutes Committee for possible action.


3. A timeline of Committee tasks was reviewed, including collecting nominations (January 31)and distributing nominations to the members, a selection process and meeting, and sending the names of winners to the April luncheon program committee by their February 21 deadline, and awarding the honors in April. It was also requested that some form of notification to submitters of unsuccessful nominations be conducted, and this would be further discussed at the next meeting (nominally February 14).




Respectfully submitted,


Paul G. Steffes, Chair