December 5, 2002



PRESENT: Bostrom (PUBP), Green (MATH), Jagoda (AE), McIver (REG), Mulford (MGT-for Parsons), Qu (ME)


VISITORS: Carson (REG), Kilroy (GRAD)



1.      The sub-committee for petitions gave a report concerning the review of the petitions.  A motion was made to accept the report.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


2.      It was noted that the minutes of the November 14, 2002 meeting were approved electronically so that they could be considered at the December 3, 2002 Academic Senate meeting.


3.      The DUPREE COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT made several requests concerning the MBA program.  First, the College requested that they be allowed to offer courses on a half semester basis. Some new courses would carry 1.5 credit hours.  In addition they requested changes to the core requirements for the MBA.  The changes would result in an increase of core courses from 30 hours to 31 hours.  Finally, they requested the following new courses. There was discussion concerning the half semester courses, and the Committee felt that there should be some guidelines established if other departments wanted to offer courses in this format.  Scheduling, drop dates and refunds were among the issues raised.  A motion was made to approve the requests.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


      MBA Core Requirements

      MGT 6120 Financial Accounting       1.5 hours

      MGT  6121 Managerial Accounting 1.5 hours

MGT 6122  Analytical Tools for Management 4.0 hours

  MGT 6060  Financial Management 3.0 hours

MGT 6123  Information Tech Mgt 2.0 hours

      MGT 6100 Organizational Behavior 3.0 hours

      MGT 6300 Marketing Management 3.0 hours

      MGT 6350 Operations Management 3.0 hours

MGT 6130 Managerial Economics 1.5 hours

   MGT 6131 Macroeconomic Environment 1.5 hours

MGT 6124 Legal Environment of Business 2.0 hours

  MGT 6125 Strategic Management 2.0 hours

MGT 6126 Integrative Mgt. Experience 1.0 hours

MGT 6127 Business Communications 1.0 hours

MGT 6128 Business Ethics 1.0 hours

Total Core 31.0 hours



MGT 6120 Financial Accounting (1.5-0-1.5)

MGT 6121 Managerial Accounting (1.5-0-1.5)

MGT 6122 Analytical Tools for Mgt. (3-1-4)

MGT 6123 Information Technology Mgt. (2-0-2)

MGT 6124 Legal Environment of Business (2-0-2)

MGT 6125 Strategic Management (2-0-2)

MGT 6126 Integrative Mgt. Experience (1-0-1)

MGT 6127 Business Communications (1-0-1)

MGT 6128 Business Ethics (1-0-1)

MGT 6129 Financial Warnings (3-0-3)

MGT 6130 Managerial Economics (1.5-0-1.5)

MGT 6131 Macroeconomic Environment (1.5-0-1.5)

MGT 6132 Financial Reporting and Analysis of Tech Firms (1.5-0-1.5)


4.      The SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY requested the following new course.  A motion was made to approve the request.  The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.



PUBP 8000 Joint Doctoral Program with GSU     (1-21)



5.       The committee reviewed 22 petitions, covering 24 actions.  All were approved, except as noted:


7-to waive 6/7-year rule (1 denied)

5-to have course(s) count toward degree (1 denied)

9-to withdraw from course(s) past deadline (2 denied)

1-to change status to full standing

1-to be readmitted spring 2003

1- to waive enrollment to receive undesignated degree









M. Jo McIver







Addendum Attached