February 27, 2003




PRESENT: Green (MATH), Hertling (ECE), Jagoda (AE), McIver (REG), Parsons (MGT), Will (CEE)


VISITORS: Burkholder (ApPH), Maureen Kilroy



1.      The report from the sub-committee that reviewed petitions was presented. A motion was made to accept the report. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.


2.      It was noted that on January 25, 2001, the Committee approved a BS/MS program for Materials Science and Engineering. This was omitted from the minutes for that meeting.


3.      The SCHOOL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY requested the following new course. It was noted that if this was going to be taught with an undergraduate course, that course should be a 4000 level course. The school representative said that they would change APPH 3600 to a 4XXX number. A motion was made to approve the request. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.



APPH 6600 Muscle Structure and Plasticity (3-0-3)


4.      The SCHOOL OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING requested a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. A motion was made to table. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.


5.      Joseph Hoey from the Office of Assessment discussed the program review process and procedures that needed to be put into place. After much discussion, it was decided that the Chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee, the Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, the Chair of the Executive Board and the Secretary to the Faculty should meet and draft a recommendation.


6.       The committee reviewed 19 petitions, covering 21 actions. All were approved except noted:


7-to count course(s) toward degree (1 denied)

3-to waive 6/7-year rule

4-to change grade(s) to W(s).

2-to change standing to full graduate

1-to register for summer after withdrawing spring 2003

1-to change from one credit hour to another

1-to change basis of PTFE 6775 from pass/fail to letter/grade (denied)

1-to be concurrently enrolled summer 2002

1-to have course removed from schedule (denied)










M. Jo McIver