January 23, 2003


PRESENT: Bidstrup-Allen (ChE), Bostrom (PUBP), Hertling (ECE), McIver (REG), Parsons (MGT), Sanders (MSE), Venkateswaran (COC)


VISITORS: Contant (CRP/COA), Kilroy (GRAD), Knoespel (LCC), McGuire (LCC), Murray (LCC),



1.                                          The minutes of the December 5, 2002 meeting were circulated.A motion was made to approve the minutes.The motion was seconded and approved.Unanimous.


2.                                          The DEPARTMENT OF CITY AND REGIONAL PLANNING requested the approval of a joint degree for a Master of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech and the Juris Doctor (Law) degree at Georgia State University.In her discussion, Cheryl Contant stressed that these were two separate degrees. A typical schedule was presented to show how the time would be distributed between the two schools. The shared courses would be used as electives in each program.After discussion, a motion was made to approve the request.The motion was seconded and approved.Unanimous.


3.      The SCHOOL OF LITERATURE, COMMUNICATION, and CULTURE requested the approval of a PhD in Digital Media.Included in the request was the creation of five new courses related to the degree.After discussion and some adjustments to the course request forms, a motion was made to approve the request.The motion was seconded and approved.Unanimous.



LCC 8000 Proseminar in Media Theory††† (3-0-3)

LCC 8001 Proseminar in Digital Media Studies(3-0-3)

LCC 7999 Preparation for Ph. D Qualifying Exam†† (1-21)

LCC 8999 Preparation for Ph.D. Dissertation†† (1-21)

LCC 9000 Doctoral Thesis (1-21)


4.      The Committee reviewed two student petitions that were referred from the sub-committee.


5.      There was a request to discuss standards and policies for admission to degree seeking status.There have been several requests by the executive programs to allow students to be admitted as degree seeking students without a bachelorís degree.These cases have been handled on an individual basis by the Committee in the past, but there was concern that the number would be increasing.After much discussion, it was agreed that the Chair would contact the departments offering the degrees and ask for data concerning the students that have been admitted by exception.The Committee also wanted the criteria that the department was using to determine admissibility of these students.Discussion of the request would continue after this information has been submitted.


6.      The committee reviewed seven petitions, four of were reviewed by the sub-committee on January 9.All were approved except noted:


1-to use course for MS degree

1-to waive 6-year rule

2-to be re-admitted spring 2003

1-to register spring 2003 after withdrawing fall 2002

1-to withdraw fall 2002 past deadline (denied)

1-to change from special to degree seeking










M. JoMcIver





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