Library Subcommittee minutes




Attending: Dean Richard Meyer (Libraries), Carol Colatrella (chair/LCC), Mark Hay (Biology), Deborah Turner (DCoM), Marlit Hayslett-Keck (proxy for GTRI representative Mark Kindl), Sidhant Jena (Undergraduate Student Representative)


Not Attending:  John Papastavridis (CoE), Nancey Green Leigh (CoA), Colin Potts (CoC)



Dean Meyer reported on the West Commons project, library strategic planning, digitization of materials such as to be archived in the library, and the possibility of capturing some IPST space for a first-floor library commons/cafe in the west section of campus.


West Commons, a prototype for the new Learning Center, is up and running, mostly at 80% capacity and sometimes at 100% capacity.


ECE has asked the library to be a digital repository for online learning objects, including video and power point.


Mark Hay asked about collection development for newer disciplines at GT.  He noted some recent purchasing requests had been denied.  Meyer indicated that he is negotiating for more money to support these areas as the library budget has not kept pace with curricular and research growth and is constrained by inflationary pricing, particularly of scientific journals.  He noted that the provost has been supportive concerning this issue.


Sidhant Jena asked about the possibility of establishing a better, more comfortable reading area in the library.  Meyer indicated that the library staff is looking for areas to enhance in these ways in the building and that there are plans for such spaces in the future Learning Center (projected to be open 2006).


Deborah Turner noted that online publication of research such as the library plans with its digitization projects are very useful to scholars.


The meeting adjourned just before noon.