Student Regulations Committee

May 5, 2003




Present: L. Barajas (G Student); R. Barke (PUBPOL); K. Boyd (Ex. Board Liason); P. Benkeser (BME), Chair; E.K. Barefield (CHEM); T. Habetler (ECE); L. Jacobs (CEE); K. Longshore (UG Student); J. McIver (Registrar); J. Smith (UG Student); B. Walker (LIB); and L. Wilcox (Student Affairs)


Absent: none



Prof. Kenneth Cunefare, on behalf of the Student Grievance and Appeal Committee, brought the following issue before the Student Regulations Committee


.we would like to suggest that the Grade Grievance procedures be revised to impose a statute of limitations on a student bringing forward a grade appeal. I have knowledge of appeals initiated a year after the class has ended. We suggest that grade appeals must be initiated within the semester immediately following the semester of the class in question, and that best effort should be applied to resolve the appeal within that following semester.


The Chair distributed via e-mail a proposed wording change to Section XXI.A.1. to the Committee for discussion. Before a vote was taken, every member of the Committee was given the option of requesting a formal meeting to discuss this issue. No one made such a request.


The Committee recommended approval (vote: 5 yes; 0 no; 3 abstentions) of the following change (additions, deletions) to the SR&R:

XXI. Student Academic Grievance Procedures
A. Applicability of the Grievance Procedures
1. Subject Matter: These procedures apply to the review of grievances concerning academic matters and grade disputes. Grade appeals must be initiated within the term immediately following the term of the course in question, and best efforts should be applied to resolve the appeal within that term.