January 15, 2003



PRESENT: Davis (ECE), Dowling (COA), Guzdial (COC), Hughes (ECE), Kingsley (PUBP), Kohl (ChE), Lynch (ME), McIver (REG), McMath (VICE-PROVOST), Moran (CHEM), Parsons (MGT), Stasko (COC), Wills (ECE)


VISITORS: May (President’s Office), Williamson (REG)


1.       Informational Items


(a)    The Office of Academic Affairs requested that the credit hours for the three LS Courses, (LS 0199, LS 0299, LS 0399) be changed from 4 hours to 3 hours credit.


(b)    The Registrar’s Office is updating course prerequisites based on a requests from academic units during the General Catalog review process.  A list of the changes will be presented to the IUCC at a future meeting for inclusion in the records.


2.       The DEPARTMENT OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING requested the following new courses.  These are cross listed courses with AE, CHE and ME. A motion was made to approve the request.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous



BMED 4757 Biofluid Mechanics (3-0-3)

BMED 4758 Biosolid Mechanics (3-0-3)


3.       Requests were submitted for the following degree programs to modify the degree requirements from “CS 1321” to “CS 1315, 1321, or a computer programming course approved as satisfying the general education requirements in computer literacy”. A motion was made to approve the requests.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


BS in Economics

BS in Economics and International Affairs (degree pending BOR approval)

BS in Global Economics and Modern Languages (degree pending BOR approval)

BS in Industrial Design

BS in International Affairs

BS in International Affairs and Modern Languages

BS in Management

BS in Public Policy

BS in Science Technology and Culture


The following programs were similarly approved at previous meetings:


BS (architecture majors)

BS in Biology

BS in Building Construction

BS in History, Technology, and Society


4.       Dr. McMath discussed the assessment of the general education requirements.  During the current academic year, the Office of Assessment is evaluating math, communication and computer literacy.  There was discussion as to how the IUCC sub-committee for assessment should be involved with the Assessment office.  It was decided that Chairman Hughes will ask the sub-committee to meet with Jon Gordon and report back to the IUCC.


5.       Gary May presented, for general discussion, a potential policy for grade substitution.  The discussion emphasized general issues and philosophical aspects of such policies, rather than implementation specifics, since the objective was to provide feedback to Dr. May to assist in the drafting of a formal proposal.  It was suggested that, should such a proposal be approved by the IUCC, campus discussion should occur prior to the drafting of final implementation rules by the Student Rules and Regulations Committee.


6.       There was discussion on the issue of awarding transfer credit for courses completed elsewhere with a D grade.  The current policy allows transfer of D grades for students who complete a course via cross-enrollment, but not for other students.  Based on the general consensus of the committee, Chairman Hughes will draft a proposal for circulation to academic units and will discuss the issue with David Frost, Director of GTREP, since this would directly affect that program.  This issue will be raised at a later meeting to determine if a recommendation should be made to the Student Rules and Regulations Committee.


7.       There was discussion concerning the issue of a student who had been charged with academic misconduct dropping the course to avoid a punitive grade.  Chairman Hughes will draft a proposal for circulation to academic units and the issue will be revisited at a later meeting.







M. Jo McIver