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    • VisIRR: Interactive Visual Information Retrieval and Recommendation for Large-scale Document Data 

      Choo, Jaegul; Lee, Changhyun; Clarkson, Edward; Liu, Zhicheng; Lee, Hanseung; Chau, Duen Horng (Polo); Li, Fuxin; Kannan, Ramakrishnan; Stolper, Charles D.; Inouye, David; Mehta, Nishant; Ouyang, Hua; Som, Subhojit; Gray, Alexander; Stasko, John; Park, Haesun (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013)
      We present a visual analytics system called VisIRR, which is an interactive visual information retrieval and recommendation system for document discovery. VisIRR effectively combines both paradigms of passive pull through ...
    • The Wisdom of Foolishness: Taking on Nuclear Deterrence 

      Hellman, Martin E. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-04-09)
      When I first started working in cryptography in the early 1970's, almost all of my colleagues told me I was crazy because NSA had a huge head start and, if I did anything good, they would classify it. Those arguments had ...