• The Classroom [Fall 2002] 

      Llewellyn, Donna C.; Baltz, Trey; Pope, Cassie; Twist, Katie; McClellan, James H.; Shook, David John; Gen, Sheldon; Bachman, Melissa M.; Catrambone, Richard (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002)
    • The Classroom [Fall 2004] 

      Llewellyn, Donna C.; Lindsey, Stanley; Usselman, Marion C.; Smith, Deborah; Herrington, TyAnna K.; Komerath, Narayanan Menon; Broglio, Ron; Barrett, Donna Joy; Bachman, Melissa M.; Brown, Jennie N. (Jennifer Nicole) (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2004-10)
      The Fall 2004 CETL Newsletter takes a look at activities that occur during the summer break. Professors and staff travel abroad with student groups, attend and present at professional conferences, prepare for incoming ...
    • The Classroom [Spring 2000] 

      Llewellyn, Donna C.; Childress, Trey; Bachman, Melissa M.; Lucia, Lucian A. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000)
    • The Classroom [Spring 2006] 

      Llewellyn, Donna C.; Girardot, Steven P.; Bachman, Melissa M.; Choi, Jung H.; Blum, Terry C.; Hughes, Joseph L. A.; Weinsheimer, Joyce (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
      CETL’s 20th Anniversary by Dr. Donna C. Llewellyn; In the CETL Library: Five Decades of McKeachie’s Teaching Tips by Dr. Steven P. Girardot; Partnering with Faculty, Learning with Technology by Melissa Bachman; Twenty ...