• Bugs that Eat Toxic Waste 

      Ludovice, Peter J.; Hunt, William D.; Löffler, Frank E. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-01-13)
      Prof. Frank Löffler of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech will discuss how bacteria can be used to help clean up toxic waste
    • Chemically mediated competition between microbes and animals: microbes as consumers in food webs 

      Burkepile, Deron E.; Parker, John D.; Woodson, Clifton Brock; Mills, Heath Jordan; Kubanek, Julia; Sobecky, Patricia A.; Hay, Mark E. (Georgia Institute of TechnologyEcological Society of America, 2006-11)
      Microbes are known to affect ecosystems and communities as decomposers, pathogens, and mutualists. However, they also may function as classic consumers and competitors with animals if they chemically deter larger consumers ...
    • It's a Bug's LIfe 

      Ludovice, Peter J.; Hunt, William D.; Konstantinidis, Kostas (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-05-12)
      Kostas Konstantinidis of the Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmental Engineering will discuss the important role that microorganisms play in the global biogeochemical and life cycles on the planet.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 24, Number 2, Winter/Spring 2007] 

      Sanders, Jane M.; Meek, Gary; Robinson, Rick; Arkin, Ronald C.; Toon, John; Skolnick, Jeffrey; Vogel, Abby; Becker, T. J.; Terraso, David (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-06)