• Faster than a Speeding Neutrino 

      Ludovice, Peter J.; Hunt, William D.; Prebys, Eric (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-11-09)
      Eric Prebys, our favorite physicist from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory will join us again to discuss the recent CERN results that reported neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light.
    • Hot Research from the Coldest Place on Earth 

      Ludovice, Peter J.; Zangwill, Andy; Taboada, Ignacio (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-04-15)
      Ignacio Taboada from the School of Physics joins Pete and his special guest host Andy Zangwill to discuss Astrophysics at the South Pole. Using a cubic kilometer of ice, Prof. Taboada traps neutrinos in order to map activity ...
    • Search for neutrino transients using IceCube and DeepCore 

      Daughhetee, Jacob D. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-03-31)
      Observations indicate that there is a correlation between long duration gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and core-collapse supernovae (SNe). The leading model for GRB production assumes that relativistic jets are generated by the ...