• Analysis and design of a high temperature liquid metal solar thermal receiver 

      Deangelis, Alfred N. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-05-03)
      Current concentrated solar technologies are not cost-effective means of generating electricity and would benefit greatly from higher operating temperatures. To reach these temperatures at high efficiencies, a novel receiver ...
    • Harvesting Solar and Thermal Energy with Photonic Nanostructures 

      Han, Sang Eon (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-01-19)
      The energy and environmental challenges we face today require a radical transformation of energy conversion and storage systems to make them highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive. Nanotechnology can ...
    • Here Comes the Sun 

      Ludovice, Peter J.; Filler, Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-06-17)
      Michael Filler, from the Georgia Tech School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, joins us to discuss the technology behind solar cells and other methods for deriving renewable energy from the sun.
    • Modeling, simulation, and analysis of grid connected dish-stirling solar power plants 

      Howard, Dustin F. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-07-07)
      The percentage of renewable energy within the global electric power generation portfolio is expected to increase rapidly over the next few decades due to increasing concerns about climate change, fossil fuel costs, and ...
    • Modern Photovoltaic Manufacturing 

      Coker, Anthony Alan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-01-28)
    • Novel applications of nanotechnology in medicine and green energy 

      Hayden, Steven C. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-01-10)
      The development of techniques for colloidal nanoparticle synthesis has allowed scientists to fabricate materials that can manipulate light on a scale that is small even compared to the wavelength of the light itself. This ...
    • The role of policy and markets in the development of the solar photovoltaic industry: Evidence from China 

      Sun, Xiaojing (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-01-19)
      This dissertation looks at the technological innovation and market competitiveness of the solar PV industry in China, and examines the role played by policy and markets in the development of the industry. Using solar cell ...