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    • Panel Discussion: Industry's Effort on Waste Minimization and Recycling 

      Cook, Fred L.; Conyers, John, Jr.; Endrenyi, Frank; Hoffmann, Steve; Gjerde, Wayne (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
    • Proper Selection of Filter Media in Reclaim Fiber Operations 

      Willingham, Mark (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-13)
      With the growing trend of using reclaimed synthetic fiber waste in the manufacturing of carpet fibers, manufacturers are recognizing the importance of effective filtration in their polymer extrusion processes. Selecting ...
    • State of Plastics Recycling 

      Underwood, Rudy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
      The number of plastics recycling businesses has tripled since 1990, with more than 1,700 businesses handling and reclaiming post-consumer plastics. Through their support of economically and environmentally responsible and ...
    • State of the Art Post Consumer Carpet Recycling and Its Opportunities in the US Market 

      Kreklau, Frank (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
      Producers of plastics, like fiber and carpet manufacturers, feel an increasing need to develop recycling concepts for their products in order to compete in the marketplace. Producers of other floor covering systems, such ...
    • TIRECYCLE™ Technology in Advanced Recycling of Post Consumer Carpet 

      Jakush, Ed (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
      The TIRECYCLE technology enables post-consumer carpet, at 100% grind, to be effectively co-reacted with post consumer cured scrap rubber to create families of useful molding and extrusion compounds, both thermoset and ...
    • Use of Recycled Post-Consumer Carpets as Building Materials 

      Banik, Gouranga (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-13)
      In response to the need for developing and marketing products from post consumer carpets, we identified certain products as building and construction materials from the perspectives of designers (Architects and Engineers), ...