The Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER) program is a one-of-a-kind approach to preparing students for the challenges of commercializing new technologies and delivering innovative products to the market place.

TI:GER is a collaboration between various Georgia Tech colleges and the Emory University School of Law that brings together law, economics, management, and science and engineering graduate students in a classroom and research environment. TI:GER combines classroom instruction, team-based activities, and internship opportunities into a total education experience.

Central to the program are teams of PhD candidates, MBA, and law (JD) students working together to solve real technology commercialization and intellectual property protection issues. Students learn how to advance early-stage research into real business opportunities and also develop an appreciation of how potential market application can influence research direction and priorities.

Academically, TI:GER is a two-year program that supplements the student's traditional PhD, MBA, and JD educational tracks. Students are selected for the program by faculty and academic advisors at Georgia Tech and Emory through a competitive application process. Program funding is provided by a variety of sources including a National Science Foundation IGERT grant, the Alan and Mildred Peterson Foundation, the Hal and John Smith Chair in Entrepreneurship, and others.

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