Georgia Tech's bold vision to define the technological research university of the 21st century is a common bond among its seemingly disparate units as we strive to educate leaders for a technology-driven world. All corners of the campus recognize that innovation, the intersection of insight and invention that creates social or economic value, is imperative to enhance the quality of life.

At the Scheller College of Business (Formerly College of Management), we focus on business innovation as the fuel that sustains the technology innovation engine. Innovative business, when combined with technology innovation, has the potential to rapidly transform the world by successfully addressing its major challenges and capturing value from its compelling opportunities. We are currently in the process of developing our next strategic plan, which we view as a transformational opportunity to set ourselves apart by making a positive impact on the quality of life through research, innovation, and learning.

We're proud of what we've achieved but intently focused on the future. In addition to strategic planning, we're embarking on a new capital campaign that will take us to new heights. We're also working harder than ever to prepare students as leaders in the global marketplace, literally offering them a world of possibilities. Fall 2005 marks the start of the new Global Team EMBA, and new educational opportunities in China and India aren't far behind. Stay tuned!

Having recruited an impressive array of new faculty stars, we will continue to pull more into our constellation. We're also recruiting a new dean. After six years—seven by the time my resignation is effective on June 30, 2006—it's time for to me to take a new road, pursuing new opportunities. I will remain strongly committed to the business school, remaining on its faculty while creating a university-level interdisciplinary Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship. With all that's been accomplished, the stage is set for a new dean to lead the College to the next level. Until that person arrives, we do not intend to blink.

Now that the campaign for our dazzling building at Technology Square is complete, we are focusing on our people—the students, faculty, staff, and supporters who are the heart and soul of the college. We intend to continue to lead in doing what is right, not just in getting it right. We have core values that require leadership in creating sustainable, just, and caring organizations and societies. I am confident that our future holds great things and that we collectively have the wisdom to seize this transformational opportunity to leave a legacy.

Terry C. Blum
Dean, College of Business
Tedd Munchak Chairholder

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