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  • Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail: Population Comparison Measuring Changes in Behavior Related to Health 

    Smith, Sarah M.; Ross, Catherine L.; Elliott, Michael (2012-12)
    The Atlanta BeltLine is one of the largest redevelopment projects currently underway in the United States. It represents an exciting new vision for the city of Atlanta and the Atlanta region. The project will ultimately ...
  • Congestion Pricing Response: Study for Potential Implementation in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area 

    Ross, Catherine L.; Guensler, Randall; Barringer, Jason; Danner, Amy (2008-10)
    Traffic congestion is an increasing burden on American cities. Congested highways delay truck transport and commuters, causing economic and social losses to local businesses and residents and making the area as a whole ...
  • Impact of the Location of New Schools on Transportation Infrastructure and Finance 

    Ross, Catherine L. (2010-07)
    Public school planning and land use planning have become increasingly separated fields over the last 40 years. The result is a often disjointed growth pattern where new schools are built on the urban fringe and act as a ...
  • Impact of Regional SPLOST on County Infrastructure 

    Ross, Catherine L.; Woo, Myungje; Boston, Thomas (2011-10)
    In response to fiscal constraints on transportation funding and the need to address transportation problems and create regional solutions, Georgia is proposing a 1% regional Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). ...
  • Hospitals and Community Health HIA: A Study of Localized Health Impacts of Hospitals 

    Ross, Catherine L.; Barringer, Jason; Danner, Amy; Woo, Myungje; Doyle, Jessica (2008-06)
    The Hospitals and Community Health HIA project examines the localized impacts of a hospital, operating as a major anchor institution, on the health outcomes of residents living nearby. The study includes a Health Impact ...
  • National MAP-21 Implementation and Monitoring 

    Ross, Catherine L.; Hunter, Michael; Welch, Tim (2016-12)
    This report presents an analysis of performance measures adopted by states and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in light of the adoption of such measures in the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act ...
  • Health Impact Assessment of Atlanta Regional Plan 2040 

    Ross, Catherine L.; Elliott, Michael L.; Rushing, Michelle M.; Barringer, Jason; Smith, Sarah; Frackelton, Alexandra; Kent, John; Rao, Arthi; West, Harry (2012-12)
    The objective of this work was to integrate the HIA process into the larger planning process to the greatest extent possible. An HIA will ensure the explicit consideration for the human health impacts in regional transportation ...
  • Bringing Freight Components into Statewide and Regional Travel Demand Forecasting: PART 1 

    Lee, David Jung-Hwi; Ross, Catherine L. (2016-01)
    Transportation decision makers have the difficult task of investment decision making having limited resources while maximizing benefit to the transportation system. Given the growth in freight transport and its importance ...
  • Crowdsourced Social Media Monitoring System Development 

    Kumar, Amit; Ross, Catherine L.; Karner, Alex A.; Katyal, Rohan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-08)
    Crowdsourcing is a relatively new area of research, but it is already generating an enormous amount of interest among both researchers and practitioners, and is finding applications in multiple domains. It is particularly ...
  • Health in all Policies: Addressing the Legal and Policy Foundations of Health Impact Assessment 

    Rajotte, Benjamin R.; Ross, Catherine L.; Ekechi, Chinyere O.; Cadet, Vladimir N. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011)
    The concept of Health in all Policies aims to improve the health outcomes associated with policies in an attempt to mitigate health disparities and provide optimal environments for healthier living. This multidisciplinary ...
  • Transport and Megaregions: High-Speed Rail in the United States 

    Ross, Catherine L. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011)
    This lead paper examines the status of high-speed rail in the United States within the context of emerging megaregions. It reflects on the current state of high-speed rail planning globally and examines its link to economic ...
  • Preliminary Assessment for Community Revitalization at 10th and Monroe 

    Ross, Catherine L.; Elliott, Michael; Woo, Myungje; Smith, Sarah; Douthat, Thomas; Kent, John (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-10)
    The purpose of this report is to assess opportunities and barriers to revitalization and redevelopment at 10th and Monroe. It strives to identify likely stakeholder concerns. Additionally, it interprets the character and ...
  • Aerotropolis Atlanta Brownfield Redevelopment Health Impact Assessment 

    Ross, Catherine L.; Elliott, Michael L.; Rushing, Michelle Marcus; Barringer, Jason; Cox, Sarah; Frackelton, Alexandra; Kent, John; Rao, Arthi (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-12)
    HIA is a process that uses a variety of methods and approaches to identify and measure potential health impacts, both positive and negative, that may result from a particular policy or project. Furthermore, an HIA seeks ...
  • Estimating the Safety Benefits of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) 

    Ross, Catherine L.; Elliott, Michael; Barringer, Jason; Smith, Sarah M.; Woo, Myungje; Kent, John; Lilly, Margaret (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-12-31)
    Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS), also commonly known by the original name Context Sensitive Design (CSD), is an alternative approach to the conventional transportation-oriented decision-making and design processes. The ...
  • Health Benefits of the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail: A Pre-Impact Assessment 

    Ross, Catherine L.; West, Harry; Elliott, Michael; Smith, Sarah M.; Marcus, Michelle; Woo, Myungje; Lilly, Margaret (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-01-31)
    The objective of the research is to measure the impact of the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside trail on the physical activity, mental health, behavior, and characteristics of the population located along the Eastside Trail section ...
  • Collaboration in Connectivity: Focus on Regions 

    Ross, Catherine L. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012)
  • Response to Keynote Speaker / Mayor Ron Littlefield 

    Littlefield, Ron (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-11-15)
  • Wide Station Deployment: Introducing the GE EV Charging Stations 

    Caillavet, Joshua (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-11-15)
  • Preparing for Innovations in Transportation: Plug-In Electric Vehicles 

    Rowland, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-11-15)
  • Response to Keynote Speaker / Mayor Robert Reichert 

    Reichert, Robert (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-11-15)
    How do I put the puzzle together when I lost the boxtop and don't know what it looks like? 1. Co-location of different modes of travel 2. Adapting principles of transit oriented design into land use planning and planning ...

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