Chair: Walter Thomas, Southern Polytechnic State University

Recent Submissions

  • ASME Carpet Recycling and Combustion Test Program 

    Hinshaw, Gary (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
    The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Research Committee on Industrial and Municipal Waste in conjunction with the Georgia Institute of Technology, carpet industry groups, and other interested parties has recently ...
  • Development of Engineered Acoustically Tunable Lightweight Automotive Components Utilizing Waste Fiber/Yarn 

    Khambete, Surendra; Mehta, Sandip (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
    This paper presents a case study of utilizing waste streams from diverse fiber/yarn products to create engineered automotive acoustic components. Cost, weight, acoustic performance and recyclabiHty are important attributes ...
  • Cyntech Technologies' Highly Efficient and High Capacity System for Conversion of Mixed Carpet Fibers into Fuels 

    Yancy, Ike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
    Cyntech Technologies is implementing technology that will convert mixed carpet fibers (or almost any mixed plastics) into fuels such as ethanol, syngas, low sulfur diesel fuel, LPGs, etc. This highly efficient and profitable ...
  • Carpet as a Fuel in Cement Kilns 

    Realff, Matthew J.; Mulholland, James A.; Lemieux, Paul (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
    The use of carpet in cement kilns is a potential mechanism to build infrastructure for carpet recycling at a large scale. This presentation describes trials that were done at the EPA test kiln at Research Triangle Park. ...