• Challenges for the identification of metabolic pathways from time series data 

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    • The intricate side of systems biology 

      Voit, Eberhard O.; Neves, Ana Rute; Santos, Helena (Georgia Institute of TechnologyNational Academy of Sciences, 2006-06-09)
      The combination of high-throughput methods of molecular biology with advanced mathematical and computational techniques has propelled the emergent field of systems biology into a position of prominence. Unthinkable a ...
    • Priming nonlinear searches for pathway identification 

      Veflingstad, Siren R.; Almeida, Jonas S.; Voit, Eberhard O. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2004-09-14)
      Background: Dense time series of metabolite concentrations or of the expression patterns of proteins may be available in the near future as a result of the rapid development of novel, highthroughput experimental techniques. ...