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dc.contributor.authorClough, G. Wayne
dc.description.abstractChange is as old as the universe. What is new is its scope and pace. New ideas and technologies now make their way from research labs into world markets with breath-taking speed. But this whirlwind of creativity is also disruptive. Manufacturing jobs disappear as technology takes over. Established industries are eclipsed by start-ups. As more nations develop technologically educated workforces, innovation is no longer the exclusive purview of the United States, but emerges from numerous places around the globe. America's long-standing leadership at the high end of the economy is no longer assured, as ambitious nations with larger populations enter the innovation space with their sights focused on competition. However, the rapid pace of innovation and global competition also offer opportunities for leadership. The Georgia Institute of Technology strives to live at the inflection point of change—anticipating it and even driving it, but also embracing and serving its human dimensions. The Institute's talented students rise to the challenges of a demanding education that develops the mental agility and problem-solving skills they need for technological leadership in a rapidly changing world. Outstanding faculty engage students at the leading edge of emerging new disciplines from nanomedicine to organic photonics. New facilities foster the interdisciplinary collaboration that drives innovation. Professional education programs offer lifelong learning opportunities to displaced workers. In an era that demands flexibility, creativity, experimentation, and teamwork across academic disciplines and international boundaries, Georgia Tech's heritage of entrepreneurism and problem-solving gives it a leadership edge. The outstanding accomplishments of the past year illustrate the excellence and intensity with which the Institute pursues its goal of defining the technological university of the twenty-first century.en
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dc.publisherGeorgia Institute of Technologyen
dc.titleCreative Disruptionen
dc.title.alternative2005 State of the Institute Addressen
dc.contributor.corporatenameGeorgia Institute of Technology. Office of the Presidenten_US

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