The residence hall community at Georgia Tech is an integral part of a student's total Tech experience. The Residence Life program within the Department of Housing is responsible for all residence hall matters, including student well-being, staffing, programs, policy formulation and residence hall government advising. In addition, our team includes Community Offices, ResNet computer networking and the GTCN cable television network.

Residence Life is committed to providing a comfortable environment that promotes growth and development of residents and supports the educational mission of the Institute. Great effort is undertaken to provide students with a variety of alternatives and choices.

In addition to the variety of buildings and living styles, the Department of Housing is committed to providing students with a wide range of activities and programs designed to meet their needs and interests. These programs play an integral part in transforming the buildings into "Living-Learning Centers" which will contribute to students' overall growth and development. Take advantage of the many programs and leadership opportunities the residence halls have to offer and make your residence hall experience the best possible one.

Residence Life Vision Statement

We, as residence life, are committed to learning, diversity, service, technology, and community. Our work stands on these beliefs as we create environments where students transform themselves into leaders of society.

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This collection contains both the Residence Life Academic Newsletters and the Residence Hall Association Newsletters.

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