The Office of Student Integrity encourages a comprehensive learning environment through the promotion and implementation of the Academic Honor Code / Student Code of Conduct to foster integrity and ethical conduct within the Georgia Tech community.


  • GOAL 1: To enhance and facilitate awareness, understanding and compliance with community standards
  • GOAL 2: To maintain a fair and clear judicial process
  • GOAL 3: To promote awareness and understanding of the judicial process


The Publications and Resources section includes research documents and helpful information from the Office of Student Integrity and outside resources. This section highlights the Office of Student Integrity case statistics, the Academic Integrity Newsletter, and publications regarding the office and the Student Code of Conduct. The Best Practices section includes helpful hints and proactive measures for faculty and staff regarding student behavior. Also included are previous presentations given by the Office of Student Integrity on various topics as well as helpful hints and tips for misconduct issues.

Collections in this community

  • Academic Integrity Newsletter [7]

    The newsletter of the Office of Student Integrity.
  • Academic Violation Statistics [17]

    Statistics on academic violations.
  • Student Code of Conduct [10]

    The Student Code of Conduct educates all members of the Georgia Tech Community about the Institute’s expectations and Students’ rights and creates a standard by which Students are expected to conduct themselves for the ...

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