Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing (ECDM)


The Environmentally Conscious Design & Manufacturing ( ECDM ) Program was established as part of Georgia Tech's commitment to creating a more prosperous and sustainable society. Affiliated with the Manufacturing Research Center (MaRC), the ECDM Program is composed of a multidisciplinary team of faculty and students from several engineering disciplines as well as management and technology and science policy. Our research group seeks to understand how corporate and government commitments to economic prosperity and sustainability cascade through the organization, are implemented from the board room to the shop floor and influence the web of upstream and downstream organizations linked in the supply chain. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with corporate and government partners that allow us to examine the organization from a sustainability perspective using the organization's own products, processes, and facilities as our research laboratory. This structure offers a high level of industrial relevance to our research agenda and is an effective method of talent development for the students, faculty, and company professionals participating in the studies. In addition to providing valuable work experience for our students, our approach enhances the pool of talented individuals available for recruiting to the company's work force.

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