Our research agenda is shaped by the need to understand, plan, and implement sustainability strategies in the corporate sector. Corporate leaders are drawn to the concept of sustainability for a variety of reasons: in response to regulatory drivers and customer demands or in anticipation of potential competitive advantages that may be gained through proactive consideration of triple bottom line (environment, economy, and society) implications of their activities.

Recent Submissions

  • Research Strategies: Understanding and Measuring "Performance" in the Paper Industry 

    Carmichael, Carol; Bras, Berdinus A.; Shipley, Scott; McGinnis, Leon F.; Zhou, Chen; Newcomb, P. J.; Bargmann, Melissa Ann (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001-10-23)
    From a sustainability perspective, we would define "performance" in the pulp and paper industry by the relative effectiveness of a mill or enterprise in transforming its capital resources— financial, technological, ...
  • Sustainable Packaging for Global Sourcing 

    Ford Motor Company; Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005-05-17)
    Project charter: more sustainable alternatives to conventional cardboard containers for parts sourced internationally ; alternatives must meet Ford packaging specifications and part quality requirements ; assessment with ...
  • Environmentally Conscious Design & Manufacturing Program Overview 

    Georgia Institute of Technology. Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing Program (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005-04-29)
    Environmental issues can be considered earlier in the development cycle if we move from reactionary analysis of existing systems to developing predictive models. Incorporating industry internships and case studies with ...