Project directors: Narin Hassan and Cindy Klestinec

With a one-day symposium, film series and exhibition, this program explores the visual, historical and political nature of the reproductive female body. The history of the body continues to be the subject of literary, historical, sociological, and medical discourses. Both resilient and haunting, the reproductive body remains a site of exploration as much as fantasy. To chart the history of the reproductive body, we will address the images, rhetoric and treatment of the female body in the early modern period; the ineluctable fusions and distillations that occur when theory meets practice in the realm of women’s health and the issues of gender and ethnicity in the global context of women’s reproductive experience. This program brings interdisciplinary methodologies to bear upon the history of gynecology, obstetrics and women’s health, tracing the consolidation of ideas, image and practices around the reproductive female body.

Haunting Histories of the Female Body Symposium [Exhibit]

Haunting Histories of the Female Body Symposium [Panel discussion]

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