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  • Prevention and Reversal of Alzheimer's Disease 

    Kostoff, Ronald N.; Zhang, Yi; Ma, Jing; Porter, Alan L.; Buchtel, H.A. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017)
    This monograph identifies the full spectrum of hundreds of actionable Alzheimer's Disease (AD) contributing factors, covering the broad categories of Lifestyle, Iatrogenic, Biotoxic, Environmental/Occupational, and ...
  • Ending Neutrality, Blocking Obscenity: EFF on Legislative Issues 

    Stoltz, Mitch (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-04-04)
    Net neutrality - the rule that broadband providers must treat all Internet traffic equally - has a contentious history and an uncertain future. Rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015 with strong ...
  • Lessons from Ten Years of Nanotechnology Bibliometric Analysis 

    Youtie, Jan; Porter, Alan; Shapira, Philip; Newman, Nils (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-09)
    This paper summarizes the 10-year experiences of the Program in Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy (STIP) at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in support of the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at ...
  • Choosing Our Energy Future: Town Hall Discussion of Georgia’s Options for Implementing the Clean Power Plan 

    Rochberg, Daniel; Brown, Marilyn A.; Kelly, Kevin; Hays, Karen; Elliott, Michael; Simoglou, Costas; Strickland, Matthew J.; Rumley, MaKara; Matisoff, Daniel C.; Southworth, Katie (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-09-28)
    In August 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce carbon pollution from the U.S. power sector to 32% below 2005 levels by 2030. Georgia must submit its initial ...
  • Pervasive Causes of Disease 

    Kostoff, Ronald N. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-08)
    The overall theme of this book is preventing and reversing chronic diseases using the holistic medical principle: removal of cause is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for restorative treatment to be effective. ...
  • The Impact of Philosophy and the Philosophy of Impact: A guide to charting more diffuse influences across time 

    Briggle, Adam; Froderman, Robert; Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-05-26)
    Reflecting on the complexity of influence an individual research project can have, Adam Briggle, Robert Frodeman and Britt Holbrook try to get a handle on their own research activities and some of their impacts over the ...
  • Designing Tools for Serendipity 

    Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-02)
  • Research Ethics Education in the STEM Disciplines: The Promises and Challenges of a Gaming Approach 

    Briggle, Adam; Holbrook, J. Britt; Oppong, Joseph; Hoffmann, Joseph; Larsen, Elizabeth K.; Pluscht, Patrick (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-02)
    While education in ethics and the responsible conduct of research (RCR) is widely acknowledged as an essential component of graduate education, particularly in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and ...
  • We Scholars: How Libraries Could Help Us with Scholarly Publishing, if Only We'd Let Them 

    Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-02)
    A look at some of the issues important to discussions of the library's role as a scholarly publisher.
  • Values in Science; Values in Engineering 

    Biddle, Justin; Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015)
    Values of many kinds play important roles in science. Ethical values constrain the types of experiments that scientists perform and the conditions under which they perform them. Moral and political values influence ...
  • United States National Science Foundation, Broader Impacts Merit Review Criterion 

    Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015)
    In the early twenty-first century, science finds itself caught in a dilemma that is arguably of its own making: its very success in terms of understanding and controlling nature means that it has given birth to powers ...
  • Transformative Research 

    Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015)
    Since the first years of the twenty-first century, an increasing number of governmental science funding agencies around the world have expressed interest in promoting transformative research (TR). Public funding agencies ...
  • Modernization, Chinese Perspectives 

    Wenlong, Lu; Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015)
    For some observers, China illustrates that Western modernism—in the philosophic sense—is no longer the only viable route to modernization. As one commentator notes, modern is translated in Chinese by xiandai ...
  • Global Research Council 

    Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015)
    At least since the formation of the Royal Society in 1660, science has envisioned itself as a global enterprise. Science is often touted as neutral territory concerned with the pursuit of truth independent of political ...
  • Games 

    Briggle, Adam; Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015)
    The long history of humans playing games to amuse or challenge themselves has been fundamentally transformed by science and technology. Science has studied in detail how games work, and technology has created whole ...
  • Knowledge Kills Action: Why Principles Should Play a Limited Role in Policy-making 

    Holbrook, J. Britt; Briggle, Adam (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014-03-06)
    This essay argues that principles should play a limited role in policy-making. It first illustrates the dilemma of timely action in the face of uncertain unintended consequences. It then introduces the precautionary and ...
  • Problem-based Learning at Georgia Tech 

    Doshi, Ameet; Risman, David (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014-01)
    This podcast introduces listeners to the concept of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and how this pedagogical technique has been applied at Georgia Tech. The primary focus is the use of PBL in an undergraduate neuroethics ...
  • Peer Review of Team Science Research 

    Holbrook, J. Britt (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10)
    This paper explores how peer review mechanisms and processes currently affect team science and how they could be designed to offer better support for team science. This immediately raises the question of how to define ...
  • Climate Change and Global Energy Security: Debate and Book Signing 

    Brown, Marilyn A.; Sovacool, Benjamin K.; Curry, Judith; McGrath, Robert T.; Norton, Bryan; Orlando, Thomas; Deitchman, Benjamin (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-11-11)
    Four faculty at Georgia Tech participated in a debate focusing on the theses of the newly published textbook (Climate Change and Global Energy Security) coauthored by Marilyn Brown (Georgia Tech) and Benjamin Sovacool ...
  • Taking the Measure of Science: A Review of Citation Theories 

    Cozzens, Susan E. (Georgia Institute of TechnologyInternational Society for the Sociology of Knowledge, 1981)

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