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    • Beyond Proof of Concept: Social Software 

      Hall, Mason R. K.; Stewart-Marshall, Zoe (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
      Using two case studies - the use of wikis in the Cornell University Libraries, and the use of wikis and other social software at Florida State University - Zoe Stewart-Marshall of Cornell University Libraries and Mason ...
    • Busier Than Ever: Rethinking Reference Statistics For The Digital Age 

      Welch, Jeanie M. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-23)
      Reference service has evolved in the digital age to include email, live chat, and Web pages. This had led to a need to include these new means of providing service into the statistical reporting of reference activity. As ...
    • CD-ROM Redigitization Project (CDRiP) 

      Dekker, Harrison (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
      The CDRiP began with with a fairly narrow goal, to leverage low cost disk storage and create an improved framework for storing, finding and using numeric data published in CD and DVD format. A further goal was to employ ...
    • The Challenges and Opportunities for Cataloging in Today's Changing Metadata Environment 

      Chen, Sandy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-24)
      What are the challenges and opportunities for cataloging and authority control in today’s library environment? Given the size of growing collections with diverse materials and a variety of metadata schemes, how can catalogers ...
    • Collaboration, Cultural Resources & Digital Projects – The Texas Tides Program 

      Clarke, Susan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-23)
      The electronic aspects of coordinating the collaboration of the many partners of this project will be highlighted. The Texas Tides Community Wiki was set up as a primary collaboration tool to provide a forum for our partner ...
    • Collaboration: Meeting the Library User's Needs in a Digital Environment 

      Boston, George; Hayward, Julie; Sachs, Dianna; Whang, Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-24)
      Providing access to electronic resources entails several factors. After the decision to provide an electronic resource is made and the license agreement is negotiated and signed, the technical aspects of providing access ...
    • A Collaborative, Criteria-Based Approach for Electronic Resource Purchase and Renewals 

      Bordeaux, Abigail; McManus, Alesia (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
      Binghamton University Libraries developed a collaborative, criteria-based approach to support electronic resources renewal decisions and to develop and prioritize a wish list of needed resources. In light of a flat collections ...
    • Conquering E-Resource Document Delivery Rights by Using Your Link Resolver 

      Erhardt, Allison; Bruneau, Evelyn (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-24)
      As the University of Manitoba Libraries (UML) collection of electronic journals rapidly increased it became evident that we needed a way to distribute Document Delivery license restrictions to designated library staff. ...
    • Containing the E-resources Explosion 

      Duncan, Cheri (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-23)
      James Madison Universities e-resources have increased exponentially each year since the Libraries began acquiring electronic journals in 1997. To accommodate this explosion, the JMU Libraries is constantly revising workflow, ...
    • CU @ the MTG: Using Online Tools for Collaboration 

      Gohn, Katie; Fancher, Lauren; Minton, Karen (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-23)
      GALILEO, Georgia's Virtual Library, has a history of collaboration with the libraries that it serves, including committees, focus groups, surveys, and review processes. In Phase II of a three year project to upgrade GALILEO, ...
    • Developing Electronic Collections with Shrinking Budgets (Doing More With Less) 

      Dickerson, Shirley; Reynolds, R. Philip; Ellis, Ann (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-23)
      This presentation will focus on the collaborative efforts of academic librarians from three different divisions of the library in combating collection development inertia in spite of dwindling materials budget. While 'doing ...
    • Don’t Leave Me in the Dark : Shining a Light on Electronic Resources Communications 

      Rupp, Nathan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-23)
      The introduction of electronic resources into the library has resulted in a number of changes in the way librarians communicate with one another about newly acquired resources. Cornell University Library has taken a number ...
    • the Vision of a Swiss Digital Library 

      Boutsiouci, Pascalia (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
      A proposed four-year national program (2008-2011),, aims at improving access to scientific information for all potential patrons in Switzerland. The strategic goals of can be summarized briefly as follows: ...
    • E-resource Workflow: Improving Communication between Librarians and Vendors 

      Armstrong, Kim; Schatz, Bob (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-24)
      Librarians and library staff have experienced the complications and complexities electronic resources have introduced into their organizations in order to acquire, manage, support, and renew them. Likewise, publishers and ...
    • eBooks & Libraries: Near and Future eBook Trends 

      Ives, Gary; Mouw, James; Hawkins, Donald; Shelburne, Wendy; Ferguson, Cris; Burright, Mariann (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
      Panel of six leading eBook experts, including university librarians, will discuss the future growth and trends of eBook use by academic, university, and corporate librarians.
    • eJournal Archiving: Status and Trends 

      Walters, Tyler O. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
      As library collections become increasingly electronic, librarians strive to develop lifecycle management approaches to administer them. One major issue is the anxiety all librarians feel over the long-term sustainability ...
    • Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference program: February 21-24, 2007 

      Unknown author (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
    • Emerging Technologies for Academic Library Information Services 

      Li, Lili (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-24)
      Since the late of 1990s, hundreds and thousands of studies have described various emerging technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, bioscience, computer science, medical science, nanotechnology, network ...
    • En Garde! A Swashbuckler's Guide to Troubleshooting Electronic Resources 

      England, Deberah (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
      Electronic resources management has increased the need for those working with electronic resources to have a blend of skills, including technical expertise. Since many who work with electronic resources have expertise ...
    • The Evolution of a New World Order: How and Why UCLA Drew the Line between "P" and "E" 

      Farb, Sharon E.; Stancliffe, Andrew; Riggio, Angela (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-23)
      As one of the premier research libraries in the country, the UCLA Library is a leader in creating innovative and bold approaches to navigating changes in the library landscape. As part of a large digital consortium, the ...